Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Waynesville National Bank

The Waynesville National Bank was first housed in the old Miami House Inn, then moved into a building on the southwest corner of Main and North Streets.

The original Board of Directors of the Waynesville National Bank were:

The Assistant Cashier was W. H. Allen. Mr. Allen would later become President of the bank.

In 1900 there was a terrible fire (See, The Great Fire of April 7th, 1900) that destroyed the northwest corner of Main and North Streets. A new bank building was erected on that corner and is still standing (see above). The new bank building was dedicated on Saturday, November 3rd, 1900.

At the dedication in 1900 the Waynesville Band played and many prominent citizens of the village spoke including The Reverend John F. Cadwallader of St. Mary's Episcopal Church:

"Twenty-five years ago this enterprise opened its doors with only a foundation, which was, however, a most worhty one, the confidence of the people, and upon that foundation which has grown constantly stronger with teh growing years, has been reared this splendid superstructure to which we all point with pride the Waynesville National Bank, which today stands in the forefront of the financial institutions of our county and state.

"Due to the keeness of judgement and tenacity of purpose of its officials and directors, combined with a safe conservatism and sufficient commercial aggressieness, the business has grown and expanded.

Besides this bank's accrued wealth of dollars and cents it has stored up a walth of trust and confedence."


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