Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oscar J. Wright

Oscar J. Wright (b. November 11th, 1809-d. November 24th, 1882) became the owner of the old Mill ~ The "Upper Mill" in Waynesville along the millrace in 1850. When he died in 1882 and left it to his three daughters. His son, John S. Wright, purchased it from them in 1888 (Waynesville’s First 200 Years, 1797-1997 (Copyright 1996, The Waynesville Historical Society, 1997), pp. 234). In the 1840s, O. J. Wright enlarged the abutments of the covered bridge that crossed the Little Miami River (The History of Warren County, Ohio (Chicago: W. H. Beers & Co., 1882), p. 575). O. J. Wright was also one of the original trustees of the Waynesville Academy. Oscar J. Wright was the son of Israel Wright who was the son of Joel Wright the famous surveyor. He was married to Susan Satterthwaite (November 2nd, 1812 - d. August 22nd, 1850) on April 5th, 1835. Oscar J. Wright and Susan S. Wright are buried in the Miami Cemetery in Corwin (Section F, The Old Yard).

Joel Wright (mentioned above) is also the father of Jonathan Wright, the founder of Springboro, Ohio. The descendants of Joel Wright in both Springboro and Waynesville were millers.


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