Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dr. Isaac Fisher of Waynesville, Ohio & Oskaloosa, Iowa

Mary Fisher,
daughter of Dr. Isaac Fisher, ca. 1860

Dr. Isaac Fisher (May 18, 1802 – April 13, 1888), the brother of Sylvanus, the founder of the Waynesville Academy, and Elias Fisher, lived in Warren Co., Ohio and practiced in Waynesville around 1830. Isaac is listed in the 1850 Census of Warren County at the age of 48 married to Eunice (42). They had five children: Cyrus (male, 15), Lydia A. (female, 12), Hannah (female, 9), Sina Ann (female, 6), Mary (4) and Harris (male, 1). In 1850 he is practicing medicine in Lebanon and then the family moved west.

In January of 1867 Eunice Fisher died in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Her death was reported in the Miami-Visitor (January 23, 1867):

We regret to learn of the death of Eunice Fisher, wife of Dr. Isaac Fisher, formerly of this place, but now of Oskaloosa, Iowa. The Herald of that place says: The death of Mrs. Eunice Fisher, noticed last week, demands more than a passing notice. She had spent long weary years in suffering, but instead of impatience, irritability, and complaint, she exhibited just the opposite virtues. From her letters we see proof of more extraordinary qualities of mind and heart. Account of her confinement at home, and family, few knew her real worth outside of her family circle. Her influence, counsel and prayer will long live. Her great comfort was her hope in her redeemer, and the consoling thought of John Milton, when he said that “ They also serve who only stand and wait”. Surely, suffering with Christ in the passion not only forms a well-balanced character but often brings out rare virtues. The deceased was such a mother and wife and is not easily replaced, but though dead she yet speaketh. C. H. G .

Dr. Isaac Fisher returned for a while to both Lebanon and Waynesville but moved again west to Oskaloosa, Iowa, where he died. However, before moving west again, he married. It is reported in the Miami-Gazette (July 28th, 1869):

Dr. Isaac Fisher, a well known citizen of Warren County, now of Lebanon, was married on Thursday last to Miss Sarah Clark, near this place. We give them our best withes for long years of happiness.

At some point in his journeying he and his family became Presbyterians and so were disowned by Miami Monthly Meeting in 1848.


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