Monday, October 03, 2005

Dr. Mary L. Cook Day ~ October 1st, 2005

Dr. Mary L. Cook Day in Waynesville is declared
by Mayor Ernie Lawson on October 1, 2005 .
The proclamation is accepted by Dr. Mary's niece, Mildred Cook Powell.

Dr. Mary's family

Dr. Mary L. Cook (Linda Swartzel~Library Director)
with Mildred Cook Powell.

Dr. Mary L. Cook Day at the Library Named after Her
Dr. Mary L. Cook's 136th birthday was celebrated at the library named after her last Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Members of Dr. Mary's family attended:
  • Mildred C. Powell ~ Dr. Mary's adopted daughter (niece)
  • Milly Powell ~ Dr. Mary's great niece
  • Esther Powell ~ Dr. Mary's great niece
  • Leah Ruth Powell Marcus ~ Dr. Mary's great niece
  • David Marcus ~ husband of Leah Marcus
  • Erica Kretzmann ~ Great grand niece
  • Emily Marcus ~ Great grand niece

Family and friends of Dr. Mary shared stories about her while watching a presentation about her life. Linda Swartzel, director of the library, portrayed Dr. Cook and gave a presentation about medicine in 1908 when Dr. Mary graduated from medical school.

Other activities for children included a display of items dating from the turn of the 20th century. The children had to guess what the item was used for! They also had an opportunity to make old fashion toys.

See a story inspired by Dr. Mary's life, "The Restless Teacup" at:

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