Thursday, January 05, 2006

More Memories of Businesses in Waynesville by Daniel R. Anderson

The editor of the Miami~Gazette warns that Dan's memory had failed him a bit while writing these letters to the Editor. None-the-less, Dan's memories open a window onto the world of the 1850s in Waynesville, Ohio

Dan Anderson remember more businesses on Main Street in Waynesville:
Miami-Gazette (May 26, 1915):
Let us now get back to Main street. About where the residence of the late Is Wright stands, was a foundry and machine shop carried on by R. O. Crispin. Next to it was the steam saw mill of Press Ellis, and a little farther up the pike was a slaughter house built and run by John Barnhart; and I was a butcher with him tow or three years. Down on lower Third street, about where Lizzie Joy lives, was a shoe shop, and carpet loom of Old Jimmy Mills . . . On the corner of High and Third streets lived David Brown, a carpenter and builder. On Main street south of the old Henderson home was a livery stable owned by old Sammy Rogers, father of Job and "Bill" Rogers, and next to it was a little one story brick building. Right across the street from the little brick in the long frame building was one of the town halls. Exhibitions were given there, and the Cadets of Temperance used it for a hall and later they used a small room over the sales room of John W. Key's Firm, where also, the "Squire" dispensed mericful justice, and plenty of it . . .

On the corner where North street turns north, was a nursery owned by one Bobby Brainard, a bachelor, English or Scotch, who made his home with Robert Hurd, a tailor, who lived where Asher Brown lived, and carried on shop ther. Where Will White lives, there was a chiarmaker by name of Adams, grandfather of Marion Adams, who bottomed chairs with rushes from down where Oakdale Park is and his work was so well done that some of the chairs are good yet after sixty or more years.


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