Monday, March 27, 2006

Andrew J. Thorpe ~ Retired Merchant Living in Waynesville, Ohio

The following is taken from Beer's 1882 Warren County, Ohio History, page 885-886:

"ANDREW J. THORPE, retired merchant, Waynesville; born in Kentucky December 7, 1814; is a son of John and Mary (Hall) Thorpe, he a native of Kentucky and she of New Jersey. The grandfather, Andrew Thorpe, was born in Virginia, and emigrated to Kentucky, where he lived and died. Mr. John Thorpe married his wife in this county about 1811, and located in Mason Co., Ky., where he resided till 1820; he located in Cincinnati and entered upon mercantile trade, which business he carried on for about thirteen years; he died in 1833, aged about 52 years; his wife died in December 1878, aged 81 years. They were parents of six children; three now survive ~ Ann, now Widow Jones, living in Indiana; Andrew J. and Thomas W.

Our subject ( Andrew J. Thorpe) remained with his father till his death, being then about 19 years of age, and brought up and educated to the mercantile trade, which business he followed and prosecuted with vigor at various points in Ohio and Indiana, until about 1850, when he entered upon trade in Cincinnati, where he continued an active successful business man till 1873, when he sold out and retired to his present place of residence in Waynesville.

Mr. Thorpe's life has been one of great activity, conducting business with energy, tact and ability, which has been crowned with financial success, and now is living at his fine residence in Waynesville in his advancing years, in the quiet enjoyment of the fruits of his past labors and industry. Mr. Thorpe was united in matrimony in 1836 with Mirriam Fallis, daughter of Isaiah and Elizabeth Fallis, natives of Pennsylvania; issue, two children ~ Mary Elizabeth, born August 26, 1838, and William H. H., born June 7, 1841.


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