Friday, January 06, 2006

More Reminiscences of D. R. Anderson ~ Businesses in Waynesville

The editor of the Miami~Gazette warns that Dan's memory had failed him a bit while writing these letters to the Editor. None-the-less, Dan's memories open a window onto the world of the 1850s in Waynesville, Ohio.

Miami-Gazette (June 2, 1915):

Now let us get back to Water Street and Main. The Macy livery stable was once an enterprising wagon and carriage making shop carried on by Dan Wharton, and was later a broom factory, which was moved to the house used as a currying establishment now owned by Park Leak. On up Water street to where you turn to go to the mill, was a little brick balcksmith shop run by a whole lot of Jones' many, many years ago (There is a Isaac Jones listed as a blacksmith in the 1850 Census). On the corner Main street and Mill road John A. Irwin built a brewery and also ran a broom making machine in a part of the building. I remember re-roofing the building for A. Aman, and in one afternoon drank thirty-two glasses og beer, and nailed on a whille lot of shingles and never feel off once. Am glad to say that since 1880, all intoxicants have been "but out" from my bill of fair.

And there was a cooper shop on the alley that is on the west side of the home of Geo. Mills, about the fifth lot, and was carried on by John Rhoades, a brother of the late Rebecca J. Sides. Down on the alley where the telephone exchange is, T. B. McComas had a blacksmith shop, which later on gave place to a cracker factory projected by one Lamar, who also at one time ran the Telegraph Mill. Job Rogers had a harness shop in the south room where Dr. Sherwood now lives. And Gideon and Alf Leak ran a wet and dry grocery, and ice cream parlor where Mrs. Beckett lives, and later they ran that bussiness in the property now owned by Park Leak and sister, Ella McKinsey (see, LEAK ~ McKINSEY Families of Waynesville, Ohio ).

Hats Made in Waynesville: Not many of the Gazette readers ever heard of hats being made in Waynesvile. Well, they were and embraced all kinds, from silk stove pipes to ones of fur or wool. Oscar J. Wright was the hatter, and the little shop became later the tailor shop of T. T. Dodson, and mayor's office. Then as a grocery and post office of Jonas Janney, Jr., next by Charles Clements and than by Geo W. Hawke. Where the Gazette holds forth, was a store owneed by S. S. Haines and Ben Evans, Brother of Joel and then by Thomas L. Allen, afterward by Jacob Randall.

Now up street again where Zimmerman's store is, was a meat market owned by Spence Borden, or Emmor Baily Sr., and upstairs was the tailor shop of Clayton Haynes, and was also mayor's office. And then came the store of Joseph Rogers & Son. Then it became a grocery by E. R. Printz, succeeded by Jas. Morgan, and then by Jas. Dinwiddie. Where Mahlon Ridge had his barber shop was a grocery, John Barnhart, proprietor. After which it became a "bum" old saloon, and then to where a man could get a decent shave. Where Mahlon Ridge now lives, lived the granfather of Mrs. Frank Gallaher and uncle of Horace and Addie Keys, and he was a tailor. On up the street where the residence of Chas. Cornell is, was the thtrailor shop of Morris Cook, father of Will Cook and step-grandfather of Frank Parshall. There is where Billy King learned the trade. Next door up street was a watch and clock estblishment carried on by Mr. Thomas. Across the street was the dental office of S. J. Way, and down street to the little brick building that was a jewelry store, and back of it Reeve Holland had a carpenter shop (Reeve Holland is listed in the 1850 Census as a carpenter).

On the Harris Corner (southeast corner of Main & North Streets) was a dry goods sotre kept by James Harris, the father of I. H. Harris, from that to a bank by Stokes & Harris. Jarvis Stokes, father of Frank Stokes, and I.H. Harris. Across the street on the corner was a drug store operated by Dr. Treahorn. Upstairs was the "Armory" of the old Continental Co., of Waynesville. The store became the property of A. E. Merritt and Henry W. Printz. Thent he two other Printz's, Edwin, Dock and E. R. Printz became possessors. While they held sway it was a "free and easy" ~ very wet!

Over at the old tavern stand of "Dick" Morrow was a well known hostelry (See, The Old Miami House in Waynesville, Ohio). The room on the corner where the bar was kept by ~~was turned into a store and owned by A. D. and Chas. Cadwallader, then by Chas. Cadwallader. After his death it became the private bank of S. S. Haines. There all of you fellows put your money where it would do the most good for that mythical farce of a railroad of narrow guage and an inclination to run into the ground as has most, if not all, of its projectors. Has everybody become reconciled to doing without a realroad since automobiles became the go ~ and a war yet in Europe?


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